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ReTop Valve Repair Co., Ltd. is the former Zigong Futaishan Machinery Company, which was founded in 1994 and the first professional valve repair and remanufacturer company in China, dedicated to professional solutions on valve metal sealing surface repair, valve conditioning, valve remanufacturer and valve repair equipments R & D.

Our technology and products have been in service for national electric, oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, siderology, pharmacy, papermaking industries and energy sectors. With nearly two decades R&D on equipment and repairing services, now the Company had developed into a diversified company with professional industrial valve repair and restoration service, and production of valve repair equipment, valve repairing kit as well, having a group of experienced, well-trained valve inspection, repairing experts and research personnel.

The independent R&D and intellectual property multifunctional vertical valve repair and grinding machine, valve repairing kit and special grinding head, which break through the bottleneck that one kind of valve repair equipment could only repair for one single type of valve, it could repair and restore the ball valves, gate valves, stop valves, safety valves, regulating valves, power station valves, desulfuration valves etc. of various types, specifications, standards...    » View more

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  • What's VRS? Quality guaranteed? Overview of Re-Top Valve Repair and Restoration System

    By use of our independent R&D vertical valve repair and grinding machine, vertical spherical grinding machine, slant rotary table, universal working knit, professional grinding head, special clamp, matching up with general machine and pressure test and inspection device, it could realize bead welding of old valve metal seal surface, fine machining of new seal surface, fitting of soft sealing surface, valve parts manufacturing, caliber and adjusting of original irregular geometric dimensions of the valves, repairing valve defects caused by various factors, and valve assembling and fitting, pressure test and inspection, painting and delivery, quality feedback, tracking service etc. as well.

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  • ReTop Vertical Valve Repairing Grinder Overview & Features

    ReTop valve repair grinding machine taking the professional valve repair as the design concept while the design principle is dynamic balance, by adopting variable frequency motor as the power source, to process with grid grinding and fine grinding through infinitely variable speeds, constant power, constant torque, turbine axial feeding, planet grinding head, it is the international leading professional valve repair equipment.
    The remarkable characteristic of this machine tool is that it is integrated professional valve repair equipment combined with grinding and fine grinding functions.
    The power source of this machine is 5KW variable frequency motor which is with strong driving power, the metal parts are with strong rigidity and stable mechanical stabilities, the grinding plate and the grinding head matching with precision, running stable, radial grinding force is strong, which allow grinding and fine grinding process after bead welding and repairing welding of valve seat, spool, wedge disc and sealing ring, connecting flanges, middle flange, ball valve seat etc. in respect to stop valve, gate valve, ball valve, power station valve, water seal valve, regulating valve, safety valve, check valve etc., hence, the sealing performance of the repaired valve is excellent and exceeding the turning effect, it could be even called as the “Good Doctor” of old and damaged valves.

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  • Advantages of Setting up VRS by Enterprises Do you know: how much could valve repair save for you?

    As everyone knows valves are of wearing parts, if any leakage occurs, the life of the valve shall be ended. But, is that really the case?
    Absolutely NO!
    Along with the service of the valve for a certain period, the metal stress would be eliminated, the valve body shall not be liable for further deformation, while the vast majority cases of the valve leakage are due to damage of valve body or valve spool, therefore, as long as repair scheme were scheduled to resolve the valve sealing surface leaking problems pertinent to the specific valve leaking reasons, valves that are of better quality than the new produced ones are available.

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