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Valve Maintenance Technology

Brief Description of Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Relief Valve


Method on Care and maintenance:

1. Storage

If the hydraulic relief valve shall not be installed immediate when it is delivered to work site, or after factory overhaul and servicing, should store it in a warehouse with rain-proof facilities; hydraulic relief valve series cannot be place upside down during transportation.

2. Maintenance

a. For series of hydraulic relief valve, monthly inspection on the deck shall be made by working staff, to see if there is dust, dirt on the valve dis, seat, stem and bush etc., and clean up if any; and clean the valve bush and stem with transformer oil for every half a year.

b. The internal and external surface of the hydraulic relief valve body should be repaint once each year.

3. Must add anti-freezing hydraulic oil when hydraulic relief valves are installed.

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